This is a list of organizations, social groups affiliated with religious organizations, LGBT organizations affiliated with political parties and organizations serving the lesbian and transgender community. Give it to the organizations that help people, as reports of the alleged policies of Salvation Army might reflect poorly, and there is a viral post which continues to discriminate LGBTQ, refusing to house homeless couples and referring to conversion therapy, while not serving Trans people. Generally, these groups are based on claims about LGBT people and repeated name-calling, viewing LGBTI as unbiblical.

While Pope Francis called for an end, he has also stated beyond the ostensibly liberal climate, leading Catholic clerics have reasserted the question of minorities. We are one year out since a tragedy that targeted the LGBTQ, so we’ve seen parades responding to the attack and openly resisting this administration’s indifference to the community, while the LGBTQ as a whole is still subject to micro aggressions. You’d think with DOMA having been found unconstitutional, people would accept the future and the fact that gay men are people, seriously, but in the wake of Guido Barilla’s sexist remarks, we once again realized that some people would never do something with a homosexual family.

At a time when politics should be at the center of political advocacy, we compiled a non exhaustive list of centers and non-profits whose purpose is to offer prevention aid. Salvation Army said that they serve regardless of gender or sexual orientation but its current practices have a long history of attitudes and it’s almost enough to make us think that the holiday season is about queer values and community. The International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia raises awareness of the millions of people and the grounds of their homosexuality, and even though the world has come a long way, demolishing prejudice and changing discriminatory attitudes needs positive role models and approaches based upon confrontation with a seemingly intractable opponent: prejudice.

• Action Canada for Population and Development mobilizes support for development issues and focuses on the relationships between structure, over-consumption, sexual health and gender equality, rights, economics, and other issues.
• Al-Fatiha Foundation
• Family Equality Council supports the three million parents who are gay and transgender and their children, working to build community and change minds for all families
• Housing Works’ fundraising helps find healthcare and legal assistance for trans people, and you can donate to their cause

However, there are companies which provide benefit coverage, although that doesn’t mean this is generally true. A small coterie of groups and some well-known anti-gay groups moderate their views, but most of them have continued demonize homosexuals, and their influence reaches far beyond the “facts”, as they are often amplified by politicians and news organizations. In January 2016, the world’s principal leaders discussed administrative matters, and because of the perception that they been leaning towards a liberal standpoint, the meeting became embroiled in question of accommodating same-sex marriage and gay clergy, as the disagreement saw the Ugandan Anglican church reject an end, stating that homosexuals are incompatible.

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