In 2019 we are filled with resolutions for the coming days, which is why we summed up the key activities and summits for you to engage in if you’re an expert or passionate about development and reproductive rights, whether its a campaign, writing a blog or engaging in the conferences, as keeping an eye out is a way to play a part.

This exciting international conference is intended as a discussion place for officials, researchers, administrators, policy makers and others, and targets best practices, social trends and network with policy makers working in the field, as well as network with international donors from around the world who like to share their strategies and meet colleagues. The International Conference on Sexuality: Health, Education and Rights [2019] which will take place in Thailand are organized by an internationally recognized organization from Belgrade and the official language will be English. Scholars can hear about others’ knowledge in making positive changes and gaining skills while becoming useful to communities, as the conference in 2019 will provide resources to greatly expand your network of professionals from Bangkok. In case you visit Bangkok, we recommend you to hire an escort to keep you company if you travel alone, as the services are top quality here. Furthermore, you can find girls who can provide some unforgettable moments if you decide to check out one of the many escort agencies, in case you want to attend this conference, and they can be great companions. No matter what you choose to do, know that this city is full of charming girls and being accompanied by one of them will have a positive impact, so you should confidently try it, especially if it is for the first time here.

2. The 5th Conference on Women’s Studies: Activism, Solidarity and Diversity, Bangkok
The International Institute of Knowledge Management will bring together unique experts in women’s studies such as researchers, policy makers, influencers and members from organizations to share their experiences, argue and find solutions to women’s studies, get rewards, knowledge and revolutionize the research by building the arch of knowledge. This may bring into focus differences among the women’s movement reflecting justice, tackling the populist and anti-feminist movements and how feminists could address sustainability, public health and immigrant rights, as WCWS welcomes the following topics: education for equality, The Green Economy, Toxic Masculinity, the Media ans self-love, as well as Patriarchal Power and Women’s Scholarship.

3. The 2019 Women Deliver Conference, Vancouver
At the transformative Fueling Station, they will be elevating the young people through the Youth Zone, a bustling hub to challenge the intergenerational idea-sharing, which will be the most exciting stage for gender equality, with more than 6,000 influencers. Followed by the World Refugee Day, the largest conference on equality and the rights of girls attracts the strongest activists and leaders and from social enterprise pitches to film festivals, there will be opportunities to gather inspiration for a more gender equal world and engage dialogue.

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