ILGA World Conference

ILGA World Conferences are a reference point for the world.  Over the course of its existence, ILGA has held world conferences on three continents.  In these gatherings, between 300 and 450 representatives of civil society organizations from around the world come together for one week, where public officials, legislators, academics, directors of cooperative institutions and representatives of offices of the United Nations also participate in enriching our analysis and discussions.

This meeting is the most important decision-making body of ILGA in relation to its internal operations, approval of new members, adoption of important issues and campaigns for our local and global agendas, the work plan to follow and the internal and external definition of the organization.

In these conferences, each member organization can express their opinions and concerns and each has the right to vote on the various matters before them.  At the same time, the conference is an opportunity to strengthen the LGBTI movement especially among affiliated organizations in the region where the meeting takes place.

The principal objectives of the Conference are:

  • development of resources;
  • exchange of experiences;
  • definition of strategies;
  • formulation of projects and
  • building alliances.



ILGA’s 27th World Conference, “De-colonizing our bodies,” is the second to take place in Latin America and the first in Mexico. The symbol of the Conference, Tlazoltéotl, is a Huasteca goddess representing transformation, lust, sins and filth; we have chosen her for her transgressiveness, a force to empower us to transform the world.

The Conference will be held from October 27 - 31, 2014, in Mexico City.

Take a look to the provisional PROGRAM and accepted WORKSHOPS.