Logistical Information

The Fundación Arcoíris por el Respeto a la Diversidad Sexual, A.C. would like to cordially invite you to the XXVII ILGA World Conference in Mexico City.

In this letter you will find important information about your stay in Mexico.

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Hotel Information

The conference activities will take place at the following location:

Hotel Fiesta Americana de Reforma

Av. Paseo de la Reforma 80

Col. Juárez, Del. Cuauhtémoc

06600, Ciudad de México

Hotel Phone: +52 (55) 5140 4100

The hotel reservations have already been confirmed and you will not need to contact the hotel.


Upon your arrival to the hotel, you will have to go to the Conference registration desk to obtain your identification and to check-in. The rooms will be available  after 3pm. If you arrive earlier, you can leave your luggage at the hotel while you enjoy a beautiful walk around the area.



For delegates staying in the hotel, breakfast is included in the hotel reservation and will be served from 7:00 until 9:00 in the morning.

Lunch and snacks during the Conference from October 27th until October 31st will be covered by your registration in the Conference. We will inform you in which  rooms they will be served.

Meals will be varied and include options for vegetarians and others with specified food restrictions. Please indicate your dietary needs/restrictions in the dining area.


Important: ¡Do not drink water from the faucet!




Sunday, October 26th there will be informational stands for the Conference where persons with ILGA scholarships will have transportation services to the hotel. If you aren’t receiving a scholarship from ILGA, you will have to take a taxi which will cost approximately US$25.

The stands will be at the following locations:

Terminal 1:

In front of the International Departures for Central/South America & the Caribbean, Gate 7

Terminal 2:

In front of Gate 3

These informational stands will be open from 7:30am until 21:30pm

You will be able to identify these stands in the airport under the ILGA World Conference logo, please look for it. At these stands, volunteers from the Conference will be providing information for Conference participants. Transportation will be included for ILGA scholarship recipients.

Registration & Security  During the Conference

Each participant will be given a bracelet with a distinctive color. These bracelets will be necessary to participate in conference activities and without them you will not be permitted to enter.



If during the conference you need medical attention, you can visit the primary care clinic located inside the hotel. It will be open from 9:00 in the morning until 19:00 at night. In case of medical emergencies, the conference has ensured emergency medical assistance will be available from the Mexico City government including EMTs, ambulances and general care doctors. These services will be available free of charge.

Mexico City is located approximately 2,250 meters above sea level, as such you might experience slight physical symptoms as your body adjusts to the altitude. Symptoms include headaches, dizziness, weakness, difficulty sleeping, etc. If these occurs to you, please rest when you arrive and try not to participate in strenuous activities.



In Mexico City the electrical sockets are type A and B, with a voltage of 127 V and a frequency of 60 Hz. Type B is the most common. The tension can legally vary between +/- 10 % (within a range of 114 to 140 volts).  The split-phase system is widespread and electricians can wire the jacks on both the type A and B to obtain the 220 V required for air conditioners, washing machines and dryers.




Money Exchange

The currency of Mexico is the Mexican peso. Even though there are some businesses that accept American dollars, the peso is accepted everywhere. Also please be aware that many establishments will not accept credit or debit cards. You should be able to find money exchanges at the airport. They can be identified by their clearly demarcated signs “Casa de cambio.” Usually there are clearly visible signs indicating “buy” or “compra” that will indicate the current exchange rate.

You will need to present your passport to exchange money.

Another easy way of exchanging money is through an ATM or “cajero automatico.” The exchange rate is usually better, however check with your bank about fees that may be charged for international or out-of-network transfers.


IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT accept help from anyone outside of the bank.



The weather in Mexico City is very pleasant, not too hot nor too cold with temperatures that fluctuate between 12 and 21 degrees Celsius during October. In the conference rooms there will be air conditioner, as such we encourage you to bring a sweater.




As with all unfamiliar places, we suggest taking certain precautions while visiting Mexico. Although the Conference is located in a safe area, it is not recommended to leave the hotel alone during any hour, especially at night. It is always better to leave in a group and to only bring the necessary amount of money. Similarly do not bring wallets, expensive jewelry, credit cards, cell phones or other valuable objects (including your passport) with you when you leave.

Information about Mexico

Mexico City offers a plethora of cultural options. From historical sites, to colonial architecture, to national monuments to an infinite array of cultural, gastronomical and entertainment options. There is something for everyone!

If you would like to stay a few more days please visit www.mexicocity.gob.mx and www.visitmexico.com where you will find more information about the cultural options the city has to offer.


Telephone Numbers


Sinayini Ruiz Aguilar

+521(044) 55 38 025865


Lariza Romero Fonseca

+521 (044) 55 4396 4881


Ande Stone

+521 (044) 55 1247 2219


Oficina de ILGA en México

ILGA Office in Mexico

5512 4521 Ext. 105 & 115